[Freunde Nepals e.V.] Shelri Drugdra School
— Saldang / Dolpo / Nepal

[girl during exam]
During the exams

At almost 4000m, the village of Saldang lies in one of the remote valleys of Dolpo in west Nepal, a region with historically strong tibetan influence. And here we are funding a village school since over 20 years.


The school is run in cooperation with the Nepalese authorities and the local School Management Committee. The local population supports the school through manual work or providing cooking fuel (wood or dung).

Currently there are about 80 children from pre-school to sixth year, the curriculum covers Nepali, Tibetan and English language, science, dancing, music, sports and games.

Our project in Germany is providing and controlling a major part of the budget; we are also taking part in the actual planning of activities, always in contact with the local responsibles. What motivates us is on the one hand our sympathy for the people of Dolpo and their culture, on the other hand the chance to help the children and the community there substantially with relatively small means. Thank you for your interest and support!

By the way: we are happy that several former students meanwhile have returned as teachers to their school!

(If you want to know exactly: the school is situated at 29.4288°N 83.0680°E)